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DOJO KUN / Karate Kid from Tsunami Spirit (Bushido Spirit)
2014 | Indonesian | Color | 90min
Language: Indonesian, English / Subtitles: Japanese, English

Madi, a young brave boy, obsessed in becoming a national karate champion like Diwa, his brother who died in tsunami. The Diwa’s Karate Championship gold medal is kept always by Madi wherever he go. Sarifah, Madi's mother, actually proud of his son's dream. But he is mentally unstable, that causing Madi became 2nd winner in the karate selection area. Madi is felt down, and againts his friends who laugh at his lost at the selection, with his karate. And the result, Sarifah who makes a living from washing clothes, losing her loyal customers. His mother didn’t give his karate monthly dues, Madi determined to find the money by himself.

On his silence move, Madi became a “bad boy” of Bang ADOI, a friend of his late father, who works as 'security' market after the tsunami. Madi determined to study karate from Sensei Anwar, old veteran sensei who disappeared from the Karate world in Aceh. The tsunami that killed his wife and his Son, changing Sensei Anwar into a close and sensitive person. One day, Madi helps Suya, Anwar’s assistant in his workshop from the attack of a group of thugs who tried to rob the workshop. Madi was fight against them, and fall down in pain. That's when Anwar showed up with his karate techniques that had not been used since tsunami. Madi was amazed saw the mighty Sensei Anwar “maegeri kick”. Madi remember of what Sensei Anwar thought him, a karateka should be able to control himself, and beat the beast in the heart and mind. He kept practicing and was elected to International Karate Championship in Bali.

He met Naomi and Ken in Bali at the night when they were fight against the bad guys they met on the street. With their Karate capability, Madi become a good friend with them and share their moment together included they common story of the tsunami. One day before the day of International Karate event, Madi, Naomi, Ken and Sensei Kusnadi, were gather in Sensei’s Dojo, Madi were practice for the tournament together with Naomi dan Ken. Both of Naomi and Ken are great Karateka. Now Madi need to proof himself worthy of reaching his dream by winning the tournament and receiving a scholarship to study Karate in Japan.

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DOJO KUN / Karate Kid from Tsunami Spirit (Bushido Spirit)
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