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NEET of the Living Dead [ニート・オブ・ザ・デッド]
2014 | Japan | Color | 38min
Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English
NANKI Akio (南木顕生)
TSUTSUI Mariko(筒井真理子), KINOSHITA Houka(木下ほうか), KANEKO Suzuyuki(金子鈴幸), YOSHIDA Tatsu(吉田達), HORIKEN(ホリケン。)
The Kuramochi family consists of four members: a bed-ridden grandfather; father, an ordinary salaried worker; mother, a housewife who takes care of her father-in-low; and their son, a shut-in NEET. The world they live in is full of zombies, and one day, the father and mother find their son has become a zombie. The father wants to kick the son out, but the mother insists he is fine as is. Their battle begins... Director NANKI Akio was a scenario writer for films and TV dramas. As he passed away in 2014, this film is his first posthumous film. TSUTSUI Mariko gives a great performance as the mother who cherishes her zombie son. The film sheds sharp light on a family issue.
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NEET of the Living Dead [ニート・オブ・ザ・デッド]
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