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STARTING OVER [Starting Over]
2014 | Japan | Color | 94min
Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English
NISHIHARA Takashi(西原孝至)
AKIZUKI Mika(秋月三佳), ENDO Nina(遠藤新菜), TOZUKA Junki(戸塚純貴), SHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko(渋川清彦), WATANABE Makiko(渡辺真起子)
Nana is a 19-year-old girl living in a corner of Tokyo. Her mother, who is in hospital, and Marin, the girl she loves, are the only people she can trust. Nana secretly works at a sex club to make money to take care of her sick mother. One day, she confesses her secret part-time job to Marin. Marin is shocked and their relationship becomes strained. Director NISHIHARA Takashi’s previous film “Blue Ray” was screened at OAFF 2013. He created “Starting Over” with a small crew and limited budget, spending six months on shooting. The film quietly depicts the subtleties of the girls’ emotions. Lead actress AKIZUKI Mika delivers a remarkable performance.
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Starting Over
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