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BAKA-DORON [バカドロン]
2015 | Japan | Color | 100min
Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English
KURODA Masafumi(黒田将史)
Gon, NAKAMURA Yutaro(中村祐太郎), DAN Bungyo(段文凝), Ketsu(ケツ)
While working at a recycled-goods shop in a small town in Wakayama, Tatsuo and Bon steal from their customers’ houses and get fired. They decide to go to Osaka to continue their criminal careers, planning to live with Tatsuo's older sister. One day, Tatsuo falls in love at first sight with Ling Ling, a Chinese girl working at a restaurant. Tatsuo will do anything for her, which causes Tatsuo and Bon fall out, while it turns out that Ling Ling came to Japan to look for another guy. CO2 Actor Scholarship participant GON and student filmmaker NAKAMURA Yutaro star in this challenging film, backed up by experienced actors, such as TAGA Masaru and KOYANAGI Keiko (who appeared in MIZOGUCHI Kenji's films). DUAN Wenning from NHK Chinese program and many young local comedians are also in the film. Shot over 16 days in Osaka.
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BAKA-DORON [バカドロン]
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