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STAND ALONE [誰もわかってくれない]
2015 | Japan | Color | 90min
Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English
MATSUMOTO Daishi (松本大志)
TSUJI Nagiko(辻凪子), NIIKURA Kenta(新倉ケンタ), IZUMI Hiryu(泉翔竜), TAMAGAWA Sachi(玉川佐知), HASHIMOTO Ichiro(橋本一郎)
Toko, a young manga artist, is proposed to by Eiji, her editor and boyfriend. Eiji takes her to meet his family, but she is embarrassed by Eiji's strong longing to make a happy home. Later, they run over a woman while quarrelling. Eiji is traumatized, and Toko decides to protect him. She tries to conceal the car accident, takes the dead woman's ID and goes to her hotel room. She finds the dead woman's son in the room, and takes him home.
Feature-length thriller directed by MATSUMOTO Daishi, currently at the Film School of Tokyo, starring TSUJI Nagiko and NIIKURA Kenta, CO2 Actors Scholarship participants. Shot over 15 days in Miyakojima Ward in Osaka, Takatsuki, and Tokyo.
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STAND ALONE [誰もわかってくれない]
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