The Osaka Asian Film Festival is held yearly, for the purposes of developing Osaka's moving image culture, presenting the city as a cultural center and facilitating exchange and human resources development. Our events offer an opportunity to watch excellent Asian films, and our activities support filmmaking in Osaka.
Beginning this year, the Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2) joins OAFF, in a commitment to nurture young filmmakers as well as build networks with international filmmakers, and to introduce Osaka-made films to overseas viewers. We will also host some pre-events such as workshops and seminars for the training of filmmakers and the better understanding of moving image culture.
Marking its 7th edition this year, the OAFF 2012, under the direction of programming director Sozo Teruoka, will select high-quality Asian films, and will hold a competition section with newly-released films, special screenings and other special programs. We will screen many Japan-premiere films at the competition section here in Osaka to introduce new films to the rest of Japan and to all of Asia. In addition, we will launch an Indie Forum section, to develop networks in Asia through the screenings of CO2-selected films and works of young Asian filmmakers.
Additionally, we will hold various events including a special symposium about potential future developments in Asian film with guest filmmakers. We will concurrently host the Osaka Cinema Festival featuring the screenings of Osaka-related films and an announcement of this year's best ten films as chosen by Osaka film experts and fans.

From Osaka to All of Asia !
Presented by
Osaka Executive Committee for the Promotion of Moving Image Culture
March 9 (Fri) - 18 (Sun) , 2012
Competition section
Latest Asian films will held their Japan Premiere and compete for Grand Prix!
OAFF will hold its second competition this year. The section will present films from among Asian films completed on or after 2010 and unreleased in Japan as of March 18, 2012. The international jurors will choose the winners of the Grand Prix (JPY500,000 as prize money) and Most Promising Talent Award (JPY200,000). The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on March 18.

Special Screenings
Opening & Closing films have been confirmed!
The opening film will be the world premiere of "TAKUMI: The Man Beyond Borders" , which portrays the life of Takumi Asakawa, a connoisseur of Korean art and crafts as well as the first Japanese "Hallyu" (Korean wave) fan. For the closing, "Wu Xia," an exciting mix of great Kung-fu action & suspense drama, which garnered much attention at Cannes and Busan International Film Festivals, will have its Japan premiere!

Hong Kong Film Festival
Full backup from Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Tokyo & Hong Kong Tourism Board!
In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong's transfer of sovereignty, OAFF will hold the Hong Kong Film Festival as a special program. Cosmopolitan city Hong Kong has continued to develop and enjoys a flourishing economy, tourism and culture. With special support from Hong Kong Special Administration Region Economic and Trade Office Tokyo and Hong Kong Tourism Board, for the purpose of furthering Hong Kong – Japan partnership, we will screen a number of the hottest and most talked-about Hong Kong films and invite many guests.

Indie Forum section
CO2 will go hand-in-hand with OAFF!
Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2) is Osaka's filmmaking support program for independent filmmakers, leading Kansai's cultural scene. CO2 has drawn attention from overseas because a CO2-supported film, "just pretend to hear it" (directed by Kaori Imaizumi) was selected for the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. This year, collaborating with OAFF, CO2 will hold screenings in the Indie Forum section. The world premieres of this year's CO2-supported films and a symposium with the recipients and selection board members will be held.

Welcome Party
OAFF 2012 will hold a Welcome Party for our guests, sponsors / supporters and the public.

Special Forum (International Convention for Films)
Japan's film industry is becoming increasingly internationalized. We will hold a special forum, inviting film experts, filmmakers and programmers from home and abroad.

Special Fan Events
We will hold a wide variety of events, such as "Nakanoshima Cruise with Asian Filmmakers", as well as talk sessions with filmmakers.

Osaka Location Program
In cooperation with the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau and the Osaka Film Council, we will hold the Osaka Location Program for our guests, to emphasize the attractiveness of Osaka as a shooting location, aiming to make Osaka a center of film production for Asian films as well as Japanese films.
Osaka Cinema Festival
Osaka Cinema Festival introduces excellent Japanese films, focusing on films related to Osaka. The event also holds the award ceremony for the Best Picture and Individual from the Osaka Cinema Festival Best 10 which will be determined by moviegoers' voting.
Date: March 4 (Sun), 2012
Venue: Osaka Museum of History

A Year after 3.11 – Special Screenings of Tohoku Films
"A Year after 3.11 – Special Screenings of Tohoku Films" will be held to assist the reconstruction of the Tohoku area, which was struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake a year ago. The event will feature the films shot in the Tohoku area, including some unreleased films.
Date: March 3 (Sat) ~ 9 (Fri), 2012
Venue: Cine Nouveau

Film seminars
We will hold special seminars including the Asian film seminar by the OAFF Programming director Sozo Teruoka, a seminar on film subtitling and a seminar for deeper understanding of Japanese films.
Dates: September – December, 2011

OAFF Poster Exhibition
We will exhibit the posters of the selected films for OAFF 2012 and past OAFFs. The trailers of selected films and OAFF PR videos will also be shown at the venue.
Dates: February, 2012

And more special events and co-hosted events.
Enhancement of communication capacity
With our email magazine, website and printed materials, we aim to enhance our communication capacity and to make Osaka an information center about Asian films all year round.
Opening Ceremony—March 9 (Fri)
Competition section, Special Screenings section and other special programs—March 10 (Sat)-18 (Sun)
Indi Forum section—March 10 (Sat)-18 (Sun)
Osaka Cinema Festival—March 4 (Sun)
Welcome Party—March 16 (Fri)
Special Forum—March 16 (Fri)
Closing Ceremony—March 18 (Sun)
ABC Hall (Fukushima)
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Name change of the executive committee
With the consolidation of Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2), a human resources development project for young filmmakers promoted by Osaka City, and the Osaka Asian Film Festival, the executive committee has been renamed "Osaka Executive Committee for the Promotion of Moving Image Culture" It aims to promote moving image culture from a wider variety of viewpoints, involving not only the film festival but also human resources development. The Osaka Asian Film Festival will be carried out as in previous years.
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