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  • International Premiere




Director: Chapman TO(杜汶澤)

2016|Malaysia, Singapore|Color|96min|Language: Cantonese|Subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/6 (Sun) 15:30 Umeda Burg7 Theater3
3/10 (Thu) 11:00 ABC Hall
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Chapman TO (杜汶澤), Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), LO Hoi-pang (盧海鵬), Patricia MOK (莫小玲), CHENG Sze-kwan (C君)

Dai Hung (played by famed comic TO in his directorial debut), head chef of Ah Yong Cafe, and owner’s daughter Rosemary are at war because she is adamant about changing the menu to cater to a younger crowd, using cheap ingredients, which infuriates the principled chef. The lack-lustre new menu causes the business to suffer; regular customers stop patronizing the cafe and new customers are disappointed. Determined to save the reputation of the cafe and revive its business, Rosemary decides to enter a televised cooking competition. Dai Hung and Rosemary unite to create a dish and Rosemary finally understands the true meaning of good food and love, yet, Dai Hung goes missing on the day of the competition…