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  • Japan Premiere

Special Programs <In & Out of Work: Looking at Asia through the Prism of Employment>


Director: LEE Ji-won

2016|Korea|31min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/7 (Tue) 16:50 Cine Libre Umeda 4  
3/9(Thu) 12:00 Cine Libre Umeda 4
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HAN Woo-yeon
JUNG Da-eun

So-young is a young woman who is busy juggling part-time jobs while studying hard, trying to get a full-time job, when a friend recommends tutoring Min-jeong, a high school senior. The tutor finds her student leading a difficult life balancing a part-time job and a dead-beat dad, but despite this the girl perseveres. One day, Min-jeong asks So-young if she can change the time for their tutoring session.

The focus of this simple yet beautifully shot short film are two female characters who, despite the gap in age, lead similar lives as they struggle with the pressures of education, employment, and the high expectations held by others. Through watching their efforts, some of the demands of South Korean society are shown and audiences will surely be able to relate to them.