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The Island That All Flow By


Director: CHAN Ching Lin (詹京霖)

2017|Taiwan|97min|Language: Mandarin, Chinese|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/14 (Wed) 16:25 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/18 (Sun) 16:10 ABC Hall    
The Island That All Flow By
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YIN Shin (尹馨)
CHENG Ren Shuo (鄭人碩)
CHEN Ding Zhong (陳鼎中)

In 2013, Taiwan bade goodbye to its toll booth system as it launched a new electrical device eTag. With the new system, Chia-Wen, a middle-aged divorcee working at Taiwan's National Highway's toll booth, is about to get laid-off. Her financial burden increases when her teenage son is charged with sexual assault. At this difficult time, Chia-Wen met Chih-Hao, a truck driver who has admired her for a long time. He promises to help in exchange for sex. Chia-Wen knows deep inside that Chih-Hao is like a stream of cars that never stops flowing but could not stop wondering if he could stay in her life. Standing at a crossroads in her life, Chia-Wen is uncertain which step to take next.

Originally made as a television film in 2016, this title saw lead actress YIN Shin win the Best Actress award at the 19th Taipei Film Awards.