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Children Gone to Poland

Director: CHOO Sang-mi

2018|Korea|78min|Language: Korean, Polish|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Wed) 18:50 Cine Libre Umeda 3    
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CHOO Sang-mi
LEE Song

During the Korean War around 1,500 children were sent to Poland as refugees. Polish people who had endured World War II acted as surrogate parents and raised the children with a love that helped them overcome the trauma they had experienced. For a short period of time they were together and then the children were sent back to North Korea. Director CHOO Sang-mi took this little-told story and pulled together all of the evidence she could gather and travelled to Poland to interview the teachers to document their words and the bond they have with the children which they still feel to this very day. What do the old Polish teachers who taught the children think now? And what happened to the children? The film seeks to find hope in the tragedy of division, shedding light on 'children who have gone to Poland', which is buried in history and unknown in Korea.

[Jason MAHER]

Distributor in Japan