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The Sower


Director: TAKEUCHI Yosuke (竹内洋介)

2016|Japan|117min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Sun) 18:15 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/16 (Fri) 16:00 Cine Libre Umeda 3
The Sower
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KISHI Kentaro (岸建太朗)
TAKENAKA Suzuno (竹中涼乃)
ADACHI Tomomitsu (足立智充)
NAKAJIMA Arisa (中島亜梨沙)
TAKEUCHI Ichika (竹内一花)
KISHI Kaoru (岸カヲル)

It’s a happy family reunion when Mitsuo returns to his hometown after spending time in a mental hospital. The strain of helping with the clean up the debris from the Great East Earthquake in North-Eastern Japan was too much for the kind-hearted man, so it is a moment of bliss when he is warmly welcomed into the home of his younger brother Yuta and meets his sister-in-law Yoko and two nieces, elementary school-girl Chie and Itsuki, a three-year-old with down-syndrome. The very next day Mitsuo is involved in a tragic accident and, even though he wasn’t at fault, he takes the blame. This has terrible and profound effects on everyone in the family.

“The Sower” is Takeuchi Yosuke’s stunning debut feature length film and it tells a powerful and heartbreaking story of the profound effects of guilt, lies, and mourning on a small family unit.

- The 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival Best Director Award / Best Actress Award (Suzuno Takenaka)

- The 27th Stockholm International Film Festival

- The 35th Fajr International Film Festival

- The 33rd Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Grand Prix / Best Screenplay Award / Best Lead Actor Award / Best Young Talent Award

- The 17th Frankfurt Nippon Connection Film Festival

- The 12th Camera Japan Film Festival 2017

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