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  • Japan Premiere


The Girl in the Orange Dress

Director: Jay ABELLO

2018|Philippines|100min|Language: Tagalog, English|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/8 (Fri) 18:40 Cine Libre Umeda 4    
3/16 (Sat) 18:50 ABC Hall
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Who’s that girl!?!
This is the question on everybody’s lips as they descend upon the hotel where biggest, most sought-after male celebrity in the country is staying. His name is Rye and he has been recorded at a 5-star hotel with a girl in an orange dress and the footage has spread like wildfire over the internet. The titular girl is Anna, an ordinary woman with a cynical view of celebs, but somehow she ended up having a one-night stand with Rye. That night of passion turns into a day of chaos as the media lay siege to the hotel and even crazed fans are turning up to find out the truth. A suspenseful cat-and-mouse chase between the rogue lovers, a media circus, a psycho celebrity stalker who just happens to be Anna’s best friend, and a whole cast of funny characters ensues as everyone is out to find out who the girl in the orange dress is!

This glossy romantic comedy features a great line-up of actors who bring a fast and fun caper to the screens.

Director’s Message/Statement

Having worked in the movie industry for 2 decades, I've observed how incongruous the way people outside of the industry see movie stars. And rightly so, they are presented in so many different ways by the media.

The Girl in the Orange Dress tries to bridge the gap by taking everyone for a peek just a little deeper into an actor's more real feelings visavis also the media's range of interpretations, as an actor tries to manage a real love story slash scandal. To be fair, these actors and actresses are also real people. They just live in a very different and complex world with a very different set of rules in terms of privacy. Another very important piece of reality I wanted to bring forward is the realness of face to face experience. We live in a world now where getting to know people, facts, situations doesn't happen face to face anymore. We communicate using the screens of our television, our cell phones, our tablets and computers. But something gets lost along the way. Life has to be experienced face to face. Especially love stories.