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Director: Pang Ho-cheung (彭浩翔)

2019|Hong Kong|88min|Language: Traditional Chinese, English|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/14 (Thu) 13:00 ABC Hall
3/17 (Sun) 10:00 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 4   
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Isabel CHAN (陳逸寧)
Dada CHAN (陳静)
Gigi LEUNG (梁詠琪)
June LAM (林兆霞)
CHUI Tien You (徐天佑)

The mobile chat group "Nosy Bitches" comprises six ladies and two gentlemen. They were once very close, but for various reasons have become alienated. That changes when one member, June, accidentally uses a bottle of breast milk belonging to her mean boss to make coffee for a client. June doesn’t need a disaster at work so she calls upon the her old friends to help her rustle up another bottle of breast milk by the end of the day. What follows is a series of grudging reunions for the “Nosy Bitches” as we get to know them. This cohort includes a nursery teacher, former bandmates, a gay couple whose relationship is on the rocks, and a policewoman who believes another member stole her boyfriend.

Director PANG Ho-cheung, a favourite of OAFF audiences, milks this scenario for maximum comedic impact and this potential is realised by an ensemble cast pulling off witty wordplay and manic escapades.

Director’s Statement

22 September, 2018. My wife asked me if I had a birthday wish. I told her that I hoped Hongkongers can have a laugh, so she suggested that I make a Hong Kong-style Chinese New Year comedy.

“Will I be able to make it in time? Chinese New Year is in early February.”

“If you kick off pre-production tomorrow, start production in late October and wrap it before end of November, then I think you’ll make it,” she said.

“That sound doable. But what is the story going to be?”

“How should I know? It’s your birthday wish! But since it’ll open in Chinese New Year, you should call it ‘Gong Hei Pat Poh’ (A play on traditional CNY greeting, ‘Gong Hei Fat Choy.’). I’m going to order another hand roll. Do you want one?” She then called the waiter over.

After dinner that night, I began conceiving ideas and preparing the project with that title in mind. There was no investor willing to invest in a local Hong Kong production, so we funded it ourselves. There was no money to rent a proper filmmaking camera, so we used a Panasonic GH5 camera. We called all our friends to scour free locations for the shoot. When a member of the crew needed a day off for her wedding, I even conceived a scene that we could shoot at her wedding venue. Assistants were pulled in to help the crew. Some actors didn’t even know what role they’d be playing when they arrived on set.

In the end, this crazy production began filming on 31 October with no investor and no script. We wrapped on 22 November after 14 shooting days. When editing was complete, I realised that I didn’t even have to cut out a single scene.

Under such constraints, I know that Missbehavior won’t be the best film in my filmography. But it’s a gift I’m offering from the heart to the city that I was born and raised in. I was raised in the generation that benefitted from the prosperity of Hong Kong, and I truly hope that I can offer some happiness in return. Even if it doesn’t amount to much, at least I’ve done my part because we’re truly and desperately in need of laughter. Why not start off the Year of the Pig with a hearty laugh?

Pang Ho-Cheung







於是這個只有片名的計劃,就在當晚飯後開始邊構思邊籌備。沒投資方願意出資拍港產片,就自己投資;租不起攝影機,就用Panasonic GH5相機;四處到朋友免費借出的地方拍攝。期間有個劇組人員要請假一天舉行婚禮,我甚至計劃要去她婚禮場地拍一幕;助理們都被拉進導演組和製片組幫忙;有些演員甚至到現場當天仍未知自己要演甚麼角色。