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Karaoke Ensemble


Director: KOIZUMI Yosuke (小泉洋介)

2018|Japan|40min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/13 (Wed) 12:10 The National Museum of Art

*admission free

Karaoke Ensemble
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MAKI Rina (真木莉那)
YAMASAKI Yuna (山崎佑奈)
MISHIMA Shoji (三島昭二)
UENO Shinya (上野伸弥)
ORIKASA Shinya (折笠慎也)

Shiori has bad memories of karaoke after getting dumped by her former boyfriend during a singing session but that’s all in the past because she has a new guy named Takuya and a new job at a karaoke box so she can Takuya a Christmas present. This is where she meets her childhood friend Tomoko who is there with colleagues from her office to entertain a big client named Morimoto so they can win a contract. Despite having a complex over singing, Tomoko repeatedly practised enka so she is ready to rock but it turns out Morimoto hates the genre. There are other customers at Shiori’s place like an old couple, Genzo and Kimie, who become separated and, in another room, Takuya who has taken his date Ami to sing some songs little realising that Shiori works there…

A karaoke box is the scene of the action for a group of people drawn together by song in this tale of fun times and friendship.