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Sad Beauty

Director: Bongkod BENCHARONGKUL

2018|Thailand|92min|Language: Thai|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/8 (Fri) 16:25 Cine Libre Umeda 4
3/16 (Sat) 10:15 Cine Libre Umeda 4    
Sad Beauty
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Florence FAIVRE
Pakkawadee PENGSUWAN

Yo and Pim are two childhood friends who have grown into rebellious adults where sex, drugs and rock & roll fill their lives. Yo is now a model whose career has stalled because of one too-many scandals while Pim is too busy trying to keep Yo from self-destructing when not partying with her pal. Their party stops when Pim discovers she has cancer and things get even worse one night after Yo drives Pim home and they find out that Pim’s mother has been beaten by her violent stepfather. A fight breaks out and the women kill him in self-defense. This shocking event risks destroying their relationship and lives but maybe their friendship is strong enough to endure…

Director BENCHARONGKUL crafts a highly atmospheric and affecting film where volatile behaviour, dangerous circumstances and toxic relationships recognisable from the real world test a personal bond in dramatic ways that will have the audience wrapped up in the story.

Director’s Message/Statement
SAD BEAUTY inspired by the relationship of two close friends with totally opposite characteristic from the true life of the director (Bongkod). A good caring friend who study Thai classic dace whom fell victim of an eye cancer and suffer great pain and eventually died of young age, while the actress friend did not realize what best friend she had and take their relationship for (granted. Only to find out that her best friend was the only best friend that she had was the only true friend she will ever have in her life. After nearly a decade of consistent thought and missing her best friend, she finally decided to make this film dedicated to their relationship and to her only true friend in life.