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Report / Day 7

3/14 (Thu) vol.5
Osaka Asia Star ★ Award and Special Talk

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Roy CHIU received Osaka Asia Star ★ Award!

The Osaka Asia Star Award ceremony and special talk were held on March 14th at Cine Libre Umeda. Roy CHIU (邱澤) was the recipient of the award and took to the stage in front of his many fans, accepting the trophy and a bouquet before introducing himself to the audience in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Roy CHIU has been in Osaka taking part in celebrations of Taiwanese cinema as well as Q&A sessions connected to his most recent film, “Dear EX” (Special Programs Taiwan: Movies on the Move 2019), a dramedy in which he takes on a gay role for the first time in his 15-year-long career as an actor. The film has played to sold-out screenings at the festival as audiences came out in force to watch him break away from safe roles.

After the trailer for “Dear EX” was shown, Mr. KAMIKURA Tsuneyuki, Chairperson, Osaka Executive Committee for the Promotion of Moving Image Culture, read out the reason for Roy CHIU’s award win.

【Comments from KAMIKURA】

“The Osaka Asia Star Award is different from a lifetime achievement award. We have selected the winner based on evaluation criteria which requires that a person keeps continuing to challenge expectations in order to open up the possibilities of Asian films and, because we do not only evaluate past performances, it is given to someone we have lots of expectations of in the future. Based on this, we decided give the Osaka Asia Star Award to the Taiwanese actor, Roy CHIU.

As you know, Mr. Roy CHIU is a person who has built great popularity and fame in the TV drama industry. However, our decisive decision was made because of his amazing acting ability shown in “Dear EX”. It seems he behaves in a rough manner but actually reveals himself to be delicate. He initially appears to be a nasty guy but actually becomes charming. This was a complicated role which had brilliance and persuasive power because Mr. Roy CHIU performed it.

At the same time, his talent as a star, which appears in this film, is something we firmly believe will bring further diversity and possibilities to future Taiwanese and Asian films.”

【Roy CHIU’s acceptance speech】

“I appreciate and am enjoying the Osaka Asian Film Festival. This is a very special moment for me. Before, I was a volleyball player and then I played music with musicians and then I drove in a formula car, fighting other formula drivers on the track, side-by-side, life-to-life. Now I’m an actor. Tomorrow, I don’t know what I have to do but I can make sure I do one thing: I will do my best. Thank you very much. I hope everyone enjoys the movie “Dear EX” and enjoys tonight, thank you very much.”

Osaka Asia Star ★ Award Special Talk

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