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Director: TRAN Thanh Huy

2019|Vietnam|79min|Language: Vietnamese |Subtitles: Japanese

Date Time    Venue   
3/9 Tue 18:35 Cine Libre Umeda 3
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TRẦN Anh Khoa
Anh Tu Wilson

14-year-old orphan Rom (TRẦN Anh Khoa) is a sprightly lad who lives by himself in a run-down apartment in a Saigon slum. He lives in hope of meeting his parents once again and makes money by acting as a runner for bookies selling lottery predictions to his equally poor neighbours who are all in some sort of debt as they take out loans to play the odds. It’s a precarious profession reliant on fate as Rom gets a commission when his numbers are right and beaten up when they are wrong, not to mention plenty of threats and betrayals as people look out for themselves. Since everyone lives in desperate hope that the lottery can change their lives for the better, there is money to be made. Things are about to come to a head as the slums are due to be demolished by unscrupulous property developers and the poor are hoping for a last-chance lottery jackpot which Rom hopes to deliver.

In TRAN Thanh Huy’s debut feature, he takes us scrambling into the streets via kinetic camerawork and screen compositions rich in details that capture the tragic and frantic world that Rom lives in.

[Jason MAHER]

Director TRAN Thanh Huy

Director TRAN Thanh Huy