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Director: Ricky KO (高子彬)

2021|Hong Kong|99min|Language: Cantonese|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/20 Sun 10:10 *Sold Out Cine Libre Umeda 4
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Patrick TSE (謝賢)
Petrina FUNG (馮寶寶)
LAM Suet (林雪)
CHUNG Suet Ying (鍾雪瑩)
Sam LEE (李燦琛)

Back in the 60s, a trio of assassins brought justice to the streets of Hong Kong with deadliness and style. Fast forward to the 21st Century, and the three are well into retirement. Knifeman Chau (Patrick TSE) is now an oft-ignored chef at a street joint, glam Fung (Petrina FUNG) runs a cabaret club and lives with her son’s family, and wheelman Chung (LAM Suet) now lives and works in his taxi. With time slipping away and bodies failing, Fung convinces the boys to become champions of the people once more as the “Guardian Angels of the Elders,” only there’s a dark spin on things: they help old people looking to kill themselves. Amidst the darkness and melancholy of these assignments, an unexpected and life-affirming mission drops into their laps when they are commissioned by a pregnant high school girl who needs their help.

Behind this darkly comic set up fronted by a trio of Hong Kong stars who play up ironic takes on their public image comes an honest look at social issues in Hong Kong, from illness in old age and neglect of the elderly to the plight of pregnant teens.

[Jason MAHER]

Director's Message

Time is a black comedy about three ex-assassins who live a lonely life after withdrawing from their profession. Through absurdist humour, I hope to bring out the social problems of empty nesters who, after their children have left home, must deal with all sorts of problems, including illness. Thanks to producer Gordon Lam for inviting me to direct this film, I hope Time can arouse public attention and call for more understanding of empty nesters.

I am grateful to have invited two heavyweight actors of the Cantonese Cinema, Patrick Tse and Petrina Fung, to be the protagonists. These veteran actors came to work every day with joyful hearts, and kept their spirits high even when shooting continued past midnight. They offered to perform action sequences themselves, instead of using stuntmen. I am deeply touched and impressed by their professionalism and work ethic.

Every film has its own difficulties and shortcomings. As a new director, I am thankful to each and every crew member for their efforts and support, ensuring a smooth flow throughout the whole production process.


A special gala screening of the crime drama "Time"(殺出個黃昏) will be held with the cooperation of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Economic and Trade Office Tokyo.