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  • World Premiere

Indie Forum

Far Away, Further Away


Director: IMAOKA Shinji (いまおかしんじ)

2022|Japan|107min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/13 Sun 16:20 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/18 Fri 10:10 Cine Libre Umeda 3
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SHINDO Manami (新藤まなみ)
YOSHIMURA Kaito (吉村界人)
WADA Hitomi (和田瞳)
OSAKO Ippei (大迫一平)
KAWASE Yohta (川瀬陽太)

“A marriage is weaker without something in common.”

Sayoko (SHINDO Manami) is a seemingly carefree woman but she hides doubts about her marriage behind her cheerful demeanour. After five years of being in Tokyo, it is apparent that she has little in common with her husband and so she begins scoping out apartments which is how she meets Yohei (YOSHIMURA Kaito), a real estate agent who is nursing a broken heart. As they tour properties, Sayoko’s girlish charms work their magic on the downhearted man and she convinces him to look for the wife who abandoned him but their journey brings the two closer.

This is the latest work by director IMAOKA Shinji in his exploration of the differences between men and women and their love lives. Following on from “Reiko and the Dolphin” (OAFF 2020), number one in Eiga Geijutsu’s Best Japanese Films of 2020, it is a more light-hearted drama that takes advantage of the natural beauty of Hokkaido.

[Jason MAHER]

Director: IMAOKA Shinji (いまおかしんじ)