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The Second Sino-Japanese War in Toy Films


Director: OTA Yoneo (太田米男)

2022|Japan|94min|Silent|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue
3/15 Tue 15:40 ABC Hall
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The Second Sino-Japanese War in a Toy Film brings the hidden shadows of the Showa Period to the silver screen as documentary and propaganda footage of the battlefields of China collected from a number of sources are knit together to give a new perspective on history.

Following the enthusiastic response to the 38-minute version of The Second Sino-Japanese War in a Toy Film at last year’s Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, Professor OTA Yoneo has re-edited it to make a 94-minute work which will be given a special screening at OAFF with a live piano performance delivered by YANASHITA Mie, a pioneer in the art of silent film musical accompaniment.

[Jason MAHER]