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Bends (過界)
Hong Kong/2013/Color/95min
Language: Cantonese, Chinese, English / Subtitles: Japanese, English
Flora LAU
Carina LAU, CHEN Kun, YUAN Tian, Stephanie CHE
A quiet exploration of the tolls of geographical, financial, and emotional borders. A mainland-resident chauffeur and his employer's wife, a rich and pampered Hong Kong woman, are linked by personal dilemmas. Chauffeur Fai (CHEN Kun) lives with his pregnant wife Ting(TIAN Yuan) on the mainland, but they must hide her pregnancy so they can somehow allow Ting to get to Hong Kong to give birth, so as not to contravene the government's one-child policy. In the meantime, Fai's employer Anna (Carina LAU) falls into a downward spiral after her husband disappears, freezing her credit cards and bank accounts, and selling their apartment. Both Fai and Anna have secrets: so that no one discovers Ting's pregnancy, Fai tells the neighbors that she is visiting her mother; Anna tries to hide the fact that her husband has abandoned her. Director Flora LAU's feature debut elegantly captures the quiet desperation of her characters.
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3/9(sun) 21:30
Umeda Burg 7
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ABC Hall
Bends (過界)