OSAKA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2014 The list of awards
Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)


The Philippines / Director: Siege LEDESMA

Most Promising Talent Award

HA Jung-woo

Korea / "Fasten Your Seatbelt" Director

Best Actress Award

Carina LAU (劉嘉玲)

Hong Kong / "Bends"(過界)Leading Actress

Special Mention

"Anita's Last Cha-Cha"

The Philippines / Director: Sigrid Andrea P. BERNARDO

ABC Award

"Forever Love"  (阿嬤的夢中情人)

Taiwan / Director: KITAMURA Toyoharu (北村豊晴), SHIAO Li-shiou(蕭力修)

Audience Award


Taiwan / Director: Umin Boya (馬志翔)

Jury Statement by Eugene DOMINGO
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honor serving on the jury of the 2014 Osaka Asian Film Festival.
While all of us on the jury agree that this year the Korean films and the films from The Philippines are the ones that impressed us the most, the hard work all of you filmmakers did made our jobs watching so many movies in such short amount of time a whole lot easier.
This year, we merit a film for it's simplicity, honestly and it's integrity for pushing boundaries.Please, a round of applause again to all the nominated films and filmmakers.
We would like to once again thank the Osaka Asian Film Festival for bringing all of us here together, and to all the audience and supporters of the festival, this important cultural event is the window for Osaka to the rest of the world, okini!