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Forever Love (阿嬤的夢中情人)
Language: Taiwanese, Chinese / Subtitles: Japanese, Chinese
KITAMURA Toyoharu, SHIAO Li-shiou
LAN Zheng-Long, Amber AN, Tien Hsin, WANG Po-Chieh
This delightful romantic comedy is a brightly colored paean to the black-and-white heyday of Taiwanese-langauge filmmaking in the 1960s, told in the form of the memories of a 70-year-old screenwriter who falls in love with star wannabe Mei-Yueh, a time-bomb of kinetic energy, played by Amber AN. Despite an abundance of laughs, the film is also surprisingly moving, with a touching love-through-the-years theme. "Forever Love" is a collaboration by KITAMURA Toyoharu, a Taiwan-based Japanese director who won the Audience Award of OAFF 2011 with his debut feature "Love You Ten Thousand Years", and a young Taiwanese director SHIAO Li-shiou. Taiwanese-language films were produced in large numbers in the 1960s, but the boom rapidly declined in the 1980s and Taiwanese-language films had been almost forgotten in Taiwan. This nostalgic comedy comically depicts the filmmakers' passions, and draws young Taiwanese viewers' attention to these almost-forgotten works.
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Forever Love (阿嬤的夢中情人)