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Language: Japanese, Taiwanese / Subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese
Umin Boya
NAGASE Masatoshi, OSAWA Takao, SAKAI Maki, IGAWA Togo, TSAO Yu-ning, CHANG Hong-yi, ZHONG Yan-cheng, XIE Jun-sheng, XIE Jun-jie, CHEN Jin-hong, OKURA Yuma, YAMAMURO Kotaro, IIDA Noel
Based on a true story, this film set in 1928 in Japan-occupied Taiwan tells the story of a muliti-ethnic underdog high school team and their inspiring, against-all-odds participation in the 1931 championship tournament at hallowed Koshien stadium. Led by their Japanese coach, the team of aboriginal, Japanese and Taiwanese players is united by friendship and love for the game. The surprising success of this team did much to promote the development of baseball in Taiwan. The feature-film directorial debut of award-winning writer, actor and short-film director Umin Boya, the film boasts a stellar performance from "Mystery Train" standout NAGASE Masatoshi. Produced by WEI Te-Sheng, director of "Cape No. 7" and "Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale", which won the Audience Award at OAFF 2013.
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3/7(fri) Asian Star Festival / Opening Ceremony
3/16(sun) Closing Ceremony
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Umeda Burg 7
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Osaka Station City Cinema