Sunshine Love
Language: Korean / Subtitles: Japanese, English
JO Eun-sung
OH Jung-sae, JO Eun-ji, LEE Mi-do, SONG Sam-dong
Gil-ho is a young man who desperately wants a secure position as a government bureaucrat, but he has failed the application exam several times. His habit of retreating into a fantasy kung-fu world in times of stress leads him to discover his writing ability, though his practical nature leads him to continue his quest to be a civil servant. He begins a romantic relationship with Jung-suk/Jeong-suk, who has long had a crush on him, despite her mother's opposition. JO Eun-sung’s debut feature is a warm and whimsical romantic comedy, with OH Jung-sae perfect as the nebbish Gil-ho, a blend of daydreamer and pragmatist.JO Eun-ji as the love interest transforms from comic ugly duckling to a self-assured young woman.
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Sunshine Love