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Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機)
Language: Chinese / Subtitles: Japanese, English, Chinese
LIEN Yi-chi
Alec SU, Ariel LIN, Matt WU, LANG Zuyun, LEI Hong
Actress and singer Ariel LIN plays an eager rookie cop, dismayed by her bumbling partner Alec SU who is more interested in woman-chasing than crime-fighting. While the rest of the force chases a drug dealer (Matt WU, in an amusing double role), LIN and SU are ordered to investigate the death of a puppy, poisoned by chocolate. A series of poisoned confection-caused deaths and a burgeoning romance draw the duo into the heart of the action. Up-and-coming director LIEN Yi-chi's deftly executed police comedy is well-paced and the love-hate relationship of the leads is counterbalanced by a fine group of supporting actors, including some charismatic veterans, playing distinctive, idiosyncratic characters.
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3/7(fri) Asian Star Festival
3/8(sat) Umeda Burg 7
3/8(sat) 18:30
Umeda Burg 7
3/14(fri) 12:20
Cine Nouveau
3/15(sat) 14:00
ABC Hall
Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機)