Indie Forum [The 10th CO2 Workshop Film]
Cinema Train
Japan/2014/Color/72min/Language: Japanese
CO2 Workshop participants
In the CO2 Special Workshop "Cinema Train: Let's Make a One-minute Movie", the participants make their own one-minute movie under these conditions: fixed camera; one cut; silent. What did the 23 participants this year, from 8- to 68-years old, discover from and about filmmaking?
Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope for personal viewing, and later the Lumiere Brothers developed it into the Cinematograph, which allowed many people to watch films together. People back then also thought it was more enjoyable to watch movies with others. You might think your one-minute movie is perfect, but after watching it with other people, your movie might look diffrent. "Cinema Train" documents what happens to the workshop participants who experience filmmaking for the first time. Cinema is great!
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3/11(tue) Cine Nouveau
3/16(sun) Planet Studio Plus One
Cinema Train