Indie Forum [17th Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Award Screening]
The Burning Buddha Man
Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English
IGUCHI Yuka, TERADA Minori, HARA Chisako, KITAOKA Ryuki, HOSHI Mitsuko
Grotesque and bizarre, yet humorous and somehow joyful, this debut feature film by Kyoto Saga Art University garduate Ujicha uses hand-made and masterfully painted paper cutouts, animated by hand, to tell a story which mixes elements of Buddhism, Frankenstein and Ultraman. Schoolgirl Beniko's family is killed by a monster bent on stealing statues of Buddha, and she seeks revenge. Directed, scripted, animated, photographed and edited by Ujicha over a period of eighteen painstaking months, this is an audacious and entertaining debut.
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3/10(mon) Cine Nouveau
Director: Ujicha

Director: Ujicha

Ujicha was attracted by "Geki-mation" (a mixed style of Manga and animation) and started creating his own works while in university. He directed, wrote, cinematographed, drew, edited, composed and dubbed everything by himself. His self-produced works, "Uchu yokai senso" and "Ginmaku no gyakushu" (Geki-mation part only) were highly acclaimed, which led him to create this film. Ujicha loves various film genres including horror, action, sci-fi, and spaghetti western.

3/8(sat) 10:20
Cine Nouveau
3/10(mon) 10:50
Cine Nouveau
The Burning Buddha Man