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The Light Shines Only There
Language: Japanese/R15+ / Subtitles: English
O Mipo
AYANO Go, IKEWAKI Chizuru, SUDA Masaki, TAKAHASHI Kazuya, HINO Shohei
A story of love and friendship among people on the margins of society, set in the brief summer in the northern city of Hakodate. Unemployed and aimless Tatsuo befriends the coarse but friendly Takuji and accepts his offer to visit his home, a run-down house by the sea. Tatsuo meets Takuji's sister Chinatsu, who leads a harsh life struggling to support her family; his heart opens and color returns to his life as his steadfast feelings begin to sway Chinatsu… Sensitively yet firmly directed by award-winner O Mipo, who captures the depth of feeling portrayed by the impressive cast which includes AYANO Go, IKEWAKI Chizuru and SUDA Masaki. Based on the novel by SATO Yasushi, this film is a portrayal of love in difficult circumstances by an acclaimed and rising director.
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The Light Shines Only There