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One Minute More (只要一分鐘)
Language: Chinese / Subtitles: Japanese
CHEN Wei-Ling
Ning CHANG, Peter HO, IKEHATA Reina
A fashion magazine editor, Wan Zhen, happens to get a golden retriever, Lila. She takes care of Lila with her boyfriend, but she gradually loses what is important in her life because she is too enthusiastic about her job. After her boyfriend leaves, she begins to feel burdened about Lila. However, she learns Lila is sick... Based on HARADA Maha's novel of the same title, "One Minute More", set in Taiwan, is a touching story of a business woman and her dog. Ning CHANG plays the protagonist who struggles with work, a dog and romance, and Peter HO plays the partner who supports her. IKEHATA Reina, who has become active internationally, plays a model in the fashion show scenes. Other stars include Sphinx TING and HUANG Peijia from "Cha Cha for Twins" (OAFF 2013). The director CHEN Wei-Ling, who has won many TV drama awards, made her feature debut with this film. Taiwan's cute design and beautiful scenery are also shown in this touching human drama.
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3/13(thu) TAIWAN NIGHT
3/13(thu) ABC Hall
One Minute More (只要一分鐘)