Special Screenings
So Young (致我們終將逝去的青春)
Language: Mandarin / Subtitles: Japanese, English
Vicki ZHAO
Mark CHAO, HAN Geng, YANG Zishan, Maggie JIANG
The directorial debut of actress and singer Vicki ZHAO, based on a best-selling novel but also informed by the director's own experiences as a college student in the 1990s. Focusing on a group of friends, the film is a panoramic portrait of love, friendship, ambition and broken dreams among a group of university students, their ambitions and struggles, successes and disappointments. The latter part of the film flashes forward several years and examines what has become of the characters and the fearless and foolhardy energy of their school days. ZHAO shows great directorial promise in her debut, and newcomer YANG Zishan is engaging in the lead role.
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3/10(mon) 18:30
Umeda Burg 7
3/16(sun) 13:30
ABC Hall
So Young