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One Minute More (只要一分鐘)
Language: Chinese / Subtitles: Japanese
CHEN Wei-Ling
Ning CHANG, Peter HO, IKEHATA Reina
This heartfelt story of a business woman and her dog which keeps waiting for its owner is a film adaptation of popular Japanese writer HARADA Maha's best-selling novel of the same title. Film producer LEE Khan, a younger brother of Academy Award-winner Ang LEE, and YOSHIDA Masahiro of beachwakers. launched a film production company in Taiwan, and this is their first Japan-Taiwan co-production film. As the Executive Producer, they gathered cast and crew from Japan and Taiwan. An award-winning TV director, CHEN Wei-Ling, made her film directorial debut. Starring Ning CHANG, Peter HO from Taiwan, and IKEHATA Reina from Japan, "One Minute More" will move viewers in Japan and Taiwan.
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3/13(thu) TAIWAN NIGHT
3/13(thu) ABC Hall
One Minute More (只要一分鐘)