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Taiwanese Natives in Taichung Go to Japan (unofficial title) (台中州高砂族内地観光)
Taiwan (under Japanese rule)/1936/Black & White/14min/Silent
HO Chi-Ming
This is the first reel of a documentary film about the Taichung aboriginal group's trip to Japan. The second reel and after seem to no longer exist. On April 6, 1936, a group of young men in uniform pray at the Taichung Shrine, are given advisory words from a Japanese police administration officer named Hosoi, and depart to Taipei from the Taichung Station, seen off by Japanese colonial officer Yamaguchi. They go to the Taiwan Shrine and meet Paiwan people. Then, a police administration director gives them his official words, and they leave Taipei. The Yamato-maru, the ship they are on, goes north on the Pacific Ocean from Keelung. They observe the view from the ship when it comes to the Setonaikai Inland Sea. The ship arrives at Kobe port. The men go through the underground path which leads to Hanshin Sannomiya station, and wait for their train on the platform of the Japan National Railways Sannomiya station, where you can see the Hankyu Sannomiya station and its trains in the background. According to the Taipei National Film Archive, this is a film by HO Chi-Min, who was a leading filmmaker in the Taiwanese film industry. The young men in the film are representatives of the nine aboriginal groups. This may be a propaganda film of the Governor-General of Taiwan.(In Cooperation with Chinese Taipei Film Archive)
3/9(sun) 21:10
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3/14(fri) 16:50
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Taiwanese Natives in Taizhong Go to Japan