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Guitar at Hot Spring (unofficial title) (温泉郷的吉他)
Taiwan/1966/Black & White/95min
Language: Taiwanese / Subtitles: Japanese
ZHOU Xin-yi
LEE Fung, HUANG Qiu Tian, CHEN Yun Qing
A former gangster is now a strolling singer in a hot spring resort. One day, he chases away a rude debt collector from Tamagawaen hotel, and gets to know Tamagawaen's owner and her daughter. However, his old gangster fellows find him, and so our guitarist-hero battles to defend the rights of the hotel owner. Taiwanese-language films, which were very popular around the 1970s in Taiwan, originally targeted local audiences but were influenced by Japanese cinema. This film shows strong influence of a Japanese movie "The Rambling Guitarist" starring KOBAYASHI Akira. Regrettably many of the films have not been well archived because most of the production companies were small and no longer exist. Recent efforts to gather and restore these scattered films have achieved some positive results, and we are able to screen one of the films, "Guitar at Hot Spring (unofficial title)", for the first time outside Taiwan. This film belongs to the collection of the Chinese Taipei Film Archive. (In Cooperation with Chinese Taipei Film Archive)
3/8(sat) 21:20
Cine Nouveau
3/14(fri) 18:45
Cine Nouveau
Guitar at Hot Spring