OSAKA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2015 | The list of awards
Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)



Taiwan|Director: YEE Chih-Yen (易智言)

(from left) Director: YEE Chih-Yen (易智言), Cast: ZHAN Huai-Yun (詹懷雲), WEI Han-Ting (魏漢鼎)

Most Promising Talent Award
Special Mention

Charlene CHOI


Hong Kong|"SARA [雛妓]" Actress

ABC Award



China|Director: HAN Han (韓寒)

Yakushi Pearl Award
Audience Award



Taiwan|Director: YEE Chih-Yen (易智言)

Comment from Jury President PANG Ho-Cheung

It was not an easy task to choose the winners, knowing the amount of hardwork and dedication required in making each film.

Ms. Charlene Choi won Special Mention for her performance in “Sara”. Ten years on screen, she took up this challenging role and transformed herself from a pretty face to a true actress.

Director Mez Tharatorn showed remarkable talent with “I Fine.. Thank You.. Love You”. Audiences often have difficulty understanding comedy produced in other countries, but this film allowed viewers to understand and enjoy the humor, while deftly avoiding exaggeration.

“Meeting Dr. Sun” is the story of boys planning to steal a statue. A closer look reveals that it is also about the daily life of citizens and the current political situation in Taiwan. The director succeeded in bringing out the best of the young actors with simple dialogues and delicate expression of emotions.