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Osaka Asia Star ★ Award

NAGASE MASATOSHI(永瀬正敏)is the recipient !

The "Osaka Asia Star ★ Award" will be given to a star artist who has played an important role in the Asian film world.

This year's recipient will be actor NAGASE Masatoshi, whose international career has transcended styles and borders. From large-scale films like the OAFF 2014 Audience Award winner "Kano" (Taiwan), in which NAGASE played the lead, to inspiring indie productions, NAGASE has enthusiastically appeared in many films, encompassing multiple genres and numerous regions of production. He is one of the most seasoned stars in Asian cinema.

NAGASE Masatoshi
[ Osaka Asia Star ★ Award & Talk ]
Date 3/5 (Sat) 18:45- (About 1 hour)
Venue Cine Libre Umeda 4
Ticket Advanced ¥1500, Door ¥1700 *Sold Out

NAGASE Masatoshi (Actor, Photographer)

(Miyazaki Prefecture, 1966- )

He is ‘the’ Japanese actor. Best known abroad for his role in Jim JARMUSCH's 1989 movie "Mystery Train", NAGASE has appeared in many popular Japanese movies. He has also released two albums and is an active artist and photographer. NAGASE starts his acting career in the movie "Shonben Rider" in 1983. His encounter with JARMUSCH and the confidence he gained through his work on "Mystery Train" led to more successful international film work. The Asian Beat Project was an ambitious series of six movies produced by HAYASHI Kaizo made in six different Asian countries in 1991-2, each starring NAGASE. The last in the series "Autumn Moon", set in Hong Kong, won the Grand Prize at the Locarno International Film Festival in 1992. The 1996 Icelandic ‘journey of self-discovery’ movie "Cold Fever" was also a critical success.

Among his movies well received in Japan were YAMADA Yoji's "Musuko" (My Sons, 1991) and "Yukai" (Abduction, 1997). He has also starred in "HAMA Maiku" series, also produced by HAYASHI, in which he plays private detective Mike. NAGASE won the Japan Academy Award for best supporting actor three years running 1997-9. In 2004, he teamed up with YAMADA again in the director's second movie "Kakushi Ken, Oni no Tsume" (Hidden Blade), which opened the 17th Tokyo International Film Festival.

Another latest movie career "KANO", "AN" and more.....he will continue to be one of the faces of Japan in the international movie scene for some time.

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