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  • World Premiere

Competition|Special Focus on Hong Kong 2017



Director: Herman YAU (邱禮濤)

2017|Hong Kong|97min|Language: Cantonese|Subtitles: Japanese, English, Cantonese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/10(Fri) 15:50 ABC Hall
3/12 (Sun) 18:30 Umeda Burg 7: Theater3
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Charlene CHOI (蔡卓妍)
Pakho CHAU (周柏豪)
Michelle WAI (衛詩雅)

When Adam and Eva, sweethearts since law school, break up after ten years, Adam thinks their split was caused by one trivial incident. What he doesn’t realize is that Eva has forgiven him for 77 mistakes!

It began when Adam changed professions to start a Thai boxing gym and gradually became indifferent to Eva. Seemingly petty matters, like forgetting she hates raisin cookies, became the catalyst for her to move out and leave him. Despondent, Adam has a drunken tryst with his student, Mandy, but after discovering Eva's private journal entitled “77 Heartbreaks”, he learns of his many errors. The title refers to the philosophy that “forgiving someone 7 times isn't enough; 70 x 7 times is too much; so go ahead and forgive 77 times!” Reading it revives Adam’s love for Eva, but what can he do to win her back and what secret is contained in the journal's torn-out last page?

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