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  • International Premiere



Director: SHIN Dong-il

2016|Korea|122min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/6 (Mon) 14:25 Cine Libre Umeda 4  
3/8 (Wed) 16:10 Hankyu Umeda Hall
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IM Hyeong-gook
LEE Hye-eun
KIM Jae-rok
HAN Kyung-hyun

A family struggling to succeed in Korea’s culture of fierce competition finds that the pressure to win may corrupt them as the morals of the three are tested. Beom-gu, a middle-aged engineer, somehow loses his sense of smell and then suddenly loses his job and, as a result, his sense of self. Left with nothing to do but stay at home all day, he visits a troublesome neighbor to complain about the noise and finds a strange character who drags him into a strange situation. His wife Mi-young sells credit cards in a dog-eat-dog environment. Driven to win a trip to Thailand, Mi-young risks doing illegal sales to beat her rivals but her situation only gets worse. Their daughter Han-na has applied for Korea’s top university but has been rejected and stuck on a waiting list. It is two days before the deadline and there is only one person ahead of her on the list. Anxious, she contacts and meets a girl who is already accepted to the department that Han-na applied for...