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  • World Premiere

Supported Program <Housen Cultural Foundation: Support for film study and production>



Director: IKEDA Keishiro (池田佳史郎)

2015|Japan|51min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/7 (Tue) 12:00 The National Museum of Art  

※admission free

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The Tango Peninsula is located in Kyoto Prefecture and this is where this film takes place. The exact location is a small mountain village near Miyazu city where twelve households reside. The people who live in this village must depend upon each other for help if they are to survive. There is a special word to describe this bond, “ko-ryoku”, which means mutual support. The director stayed there for two years, getting to know the people in the village and living a similar lifestyle in order to truly understand this word.