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Director: HO Yuhang (何宇恆)

2016|Malaysia, Hong Kong|97min|Language: Cantonese, Mandarin|Subtitles: Japanese, English, Cantonese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/3 (Fri) 19:00 Umeda Burg7 Theater1 ◎ Opening Ceremony
3/9 (Thu) 18:20 Hankyu Umeda Hall
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Kara WAI (惠英紅)
Simon YAM (任達華)
WU Bai (伍佰)

Mrs K is a seemingly clean-cut housewife who lives in a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood with her husband, a doctor named Mr K, and their daughter, a high school girl named Lil’ K. Their family happiness seems unbreakable until a stranger shows up to blackmail Mrs K. He's a corrupt ex-cop who knows about her mysterious past, something connected to a legendary casino robbery in Macau. Is Mrs K hiding something? Brief flashes of her martial arts skills suggest she is. The ex-cop doesn't seem to pose much of a threat and she punishes him, hoping that he will back off. Unfortunately, his appearance is only a prelude to imminent terror, as Lil' K is kidnapped and Mrs K is forced out of hiding to face an old enemy. With its slow build-up of tension helped by an 80s musical score reminiscent of the films of John Carpenter, audiences will find Mrs K’s rescue of her daughter a thrilling ride in this slickly shot film.

“Mrs K” is directed by Malaysia-born director HO Yuhang of “Rain Dogs” (2006) and “At the End of Daybreak” (2009). Starring are iconic action star actress Kara WAI, great Hong Kong actor Simon YAM and the legendary rock singer from Taiwan WU Bai. This exciting action thriller, which had its world premiere at Busan, will have its Japan Premiere at OAFF 2017.