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Osaka Asian Film Festival 2018

will be bestowed to
Hong Kong Star, Mr. Chapman TO !

OAFF proudly announce that Hong Kong star Mr. Chapman TO (杜汶澤) will receive this year's Osaka Asia Star ★ Award, which will be given to a star artist who has played an important role in the Asian film world, and whose further achievement is also expected.

Mr. Chapman TO has displayed multifaceted talents as a Hong Kong-based actor, director and producer, boldly venturing into new fields throughout his long and brilliant career.

Mr. TO's latest directorial film, "The Empty Hands" (空手道), will be screened in the Competition and the Special program < Special Focus on Hong Kong 2018 > at OAFF 2018.

To welcome him to OAFF, we will host a special talk in which he will discuss his background and career. The Osaka Asia Star award ceremony and special talk will be held on March 17.

Chapman TO (杜汶澤)

Chapman TO (杜汶澤)

Chapman TO (杜汶澤)


Chapman TO (born 1972), is a Hong Kong actor, film director and producer. He is best known for his roles in films such as “Infernal Affairs” (無間道) , “Initial D” (頭文字D), and “Vulgaria” (低俗喜劇)(screened in OAFF 2013).

TO began his acting career in TV dramas and moved to the big screen in 2000. During his career, TO has been nominated four times for Golden Horse awards in acting, and four times in the Hong Kong Film Awards, also in acting categories. In 2006, he produced for the first time in PANG Ho Cheung's (彭浩翔) “Isabella” (伊莎貝拉) , and in 2016 directed his first feature film “Let's Eat” (開飯啦!) (screened in OAFF 2016).

“The Empty Hands”(空手道) is TO's second feature film, in which he starred along with Stephy TANG (鄧麗欣).

Osaka Asia Star ★ Award Ceremony + Special Talk

Date / Venue

March 17(Sat) 17:00 / Cine Libre Umeda


Advance ¥1300/ Door ¥1500 *Sold Out

Screenings of "The Empty Hands" (空手道)

Dates / Venue

March 14 (Wed) 13:30 / ABC Hall

March 17 (Sat) 10:40 / ABC Hall


Advance ¥1300/ Door ¥1500

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