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Special Screenings

Woozoo be Alright?


Director: BAEK Jae-ho, LEE Hee-seop

2018|Japan, Korea|108min|Language: Japanese, Korean|Subtitles: Japanese, English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/18 (Sun) 10:40 ABC Hall
Woozoo be Alright?
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HORI Haruna (堀春菜)
JI Dae-han
Snow (すのう)
TSUJI Nagiko (辻凪子)
SATO Takashi (里崇)
Olu Togun
ICHITANI Shin (一谷伸)

When his boss Daejung goes missing in a ship accident, the company sends Woozoo to Osaka to finish his business. On his last day in the city, Woozoo chases someone looking exactly like Daejung to Taisho, an area in Osaka. He ends up losing him, but the sound of a guitar draws Woozoo to a small bar, Pier 34. Its owner, Snow, somehow reminds him of Daejung, and listening to his music brings back memories. After passing out right there, Woozoo ends up missing his flight back to Korea. He quits his job on a whim and soon meets Haruna, who is learning how to play the guitar from Snow. Woozoo decides to stay at Pier 34 until he finds Daejung and so begins an unlikely vacation for him.