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Old Love


Director: PARK Ki-yong

2017|Korea, Japan|89min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/13 (Wed) 14:30 The National Museum of Art

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YOO Jung-ah
KIM Tae-hoon

At Incheon International Airport, KIM Jung-soo and LEE Yoon-hee, both in their late 40s, accidentally meet for the first time in 25 years. Jung-soo is seeing off his daughter to Australia, while Yoon-hee is arriving from Canada for two weeks to visit her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. They were dating during their campus days but had broken up just before graduation when Yoon-hee decided to marry a Korean Canadian. A few days later, Jung-soo and Yoon-hee meet for the second time. They have a friendly chat over lunch but both hide their real life stories: he had lost his wife in a car accident and his business is at risk, while she has divorced many years ago and is now facing financial difficulties.

On their third encounter, she recalls old memories and confesses her ardent love only to make him confused and irritated. He also admits that he has missed her greatly but could not embrace her so easily. After all these years, they both painfully accept that it’s too late to start again and their love is only an old memory.