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Osaka Asian Film Festival 2019

will be bestowed to

Taiwan Star, Mr. Roy CHIU

OAFF proudly announce that Taiwan star Mr. Roy CHIU (邱澤) will receive this year's Osaka Asia Star ★ Award, which will be given to a star artist who has played an important role in the Asian film world, and whose further achievement is also expected.

OAFF 2019 Special Program <Taiwan: Movies on the Move 2019> will showcase Mr. CHIU’s latest film, “Dear EX” (誰先愛上他的), in which he plays the challenging leading character, and succeeds wonderfully in breaking his established image.

To welcome him to OAFF, we will host a special talk in which he will discuss his background and career. The Osaka Asia Star award ceremony and special talk will be held on March 14.



Roy CHIU is a renowned Taiwanese actor whose TV-series broke rating records many times and have won him fans all over Asia.

Born in October 14, 1981, CHIU made his debut in 2002 with the television series “Starry Starry Night”. After his mandatory military service, he returned to acting in 2008 and rose to prominence three years later after appearing in the dramas “My Daughter”, “Waking Love Up”, and “Office Girls”.

Unsatisfied with playing roles of CEOs or dandies all the time, he was driven to seek a breakthrough for his passion for acting. He rejected lucrative offers from home and abroad and fought for the leading role in “Dear EX”, in which he plays a gay role for the first time in his 15-year-long career.

CHIU’s layered performance is deep and moving. He received the Leading Actor award from Taipei Film Awards (台北電影獎)and nominated in the Golden Horse Awards (金馬奬)in 2018.

Osaka Asia Star ★ Award Ceremony + Special Talk

Date March 14 (Thu) 16:45〜17:45
Venue Cine Libre Umeda
Ticket Advance ¥1300 / Door ¥1500 *Sold Out

Screenings of “Dear EX” (誰先愛上他的)

Dates / Venues

March 11 (Mon) 21:15〜 at Cine Libre Umeda *Sold Out

March 13 (Wed) 15:45〜 at ABC Hall

Ticket Advance ¥1300 / Door ¥1500
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