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Best Actor (Leading Actor: MASE Hidemasa)

  • Asia Premiere




Director: Anshul CHAUHAN

2019|Japan|145min|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/12 (Thu) 20:20 Cine Libre Umeda 3    
3/13 (Fri) 15:50 ABC Hall    
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MARUI Wan (円井わん)
MASE Hidemasa (間瀬英正)
YAMADA Taichi (山田太一)
KOJIMA Seira (小島聖良)
SHIMIZU Takuzo (清水拓蔵)

Following the death of her mother, high school girl Sora's closest contact is with her grandfather. That relationship is far deeper than her one with her distant father. When the old man dies, Sora is left bereft and with nobody to talk to but her discovery of his wartime diary offers her some form of escape because it hints at a treasure buried in a local forest. Just as the old man departs, a mysterious vagrant appears in town. Mute and only walking backwards, he crashes into Sora's life and his presence forces a change in the relationship between daughter and father.

Majestically shot with beautiful black and white visuals and graceful camerawork, mystery and profound emotions in this story and moving performances make this a distinct and compelling film as audiences will be guided into the lives of the characters, accompanying them on a satisfying emotional journey.

[Jason MAHER]