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  • International Premiere


Lucky Chan-sil

Director: KIM Cho-hee

2019|Korea|95min|Language: Korean|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/9 (Mon) 16:45 Cine Libre Umeda 4    
3/14 (Sat) 19:10 ABC Hall    
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KANG Mal-geum
YOUN Yuh-jung
KIM Young-min
YOON Seung-ah
BAE Yu-ram

After the sudden death of the director she had been planning to spend a lifetime working with, a film producer named Chan-sil is now unemployed and it seems nobody will employ her on other films. At the age of 40, jobless and penniless and living in a cheap room run by a shifty old woman who looks askance at her, Chan-sil begins to work as a cleaning lady at an actress' place. By chance, she meets a young man who teaches French to the actress and she feels a strong attraction to him, perhaps a feeling more meaningful than desperation or maybe a result of the anxieties over her wasted youth, lack of a love-life, and broken career. Can she produce a happy end to her own life?

Director KIM Cho-hee creates a wonderfully wry comedy that is alternately maudlin and amusing as it picks apart female desire and travails through a bumbling, charming and sympathetic character embodied in a winning performance from lead actress KANG Mal-geum.

[Jason MAHER]