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Kamata Prelude


Directors: NAKAGAWA Ryutaro (中川龍太郎), AKIYAMA Mayu (穐山茉由), YASUKAWA Yuka (安川有果), WATANABE Hirobumi (渡辺紘文)

2020|Japan|115min (approx.)|Language: Japanese|Subtitles: English

Date Time Venue Guest
3/15 (Sun) 18:30 ABC Hall Closing Ceremony
Kamata Prelude
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ITO Sairi (伊藤沙莉)
TAKIUCHI Kumi (瀧内公美)
FUKUDA Mayuko (福田麻由子)
FURUKAWA Kotone (古川琴音)
MATSUBAYASHI Urara (松林うらら)
About the Film

A four-part film done in the unique style of each director, MATSUBAYASHI Urara gives a portrayal of a struggling actress named Machiko who lives in Kamata. Machiko is the central axis of the movie as the film comically depicts what it means to be a "woman" and an "actress" in society through showing the patterns of life as conducted by her and the people that surround her.

The directors involved are a new generation of talent from the Japanese movie industry. NAKAGAWA Ryutaro has attracted attention both in Japan and abroad, including for his latest work "Silent Rain" (静かな雨) which was screened at both the 2019 Busan International Film Festival and Tokyo Filmex where it won the Audience Award. AKIYAMA Mayu’s debut work, "Rent a Friend" (月極オトコトモダチ), won the MOOSIC LAB Grand Prix and was screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018. WATANABE Hirobumi’s "Cry" (叫び声) won Best Director at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2019 in the Japanese Cinema Splash section. YASUKAWA Yuka was one of a number of emerging talents tapped to helm one of the shorts from "21st Century Girl" (21世紀の女の子) which has been screened around the world. MATSUBAYASHI Urara, the film’s producer and one of its cast, is a rising star active on the stage, TV drama, and on film. She will be most familiar with her performance in "Hungry Lion" (飢えたライオン) which was screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and New York Asian Film Festival in 2018. She is joined by many seasoned actors, including ITO Sairi ("Love & Other Cults" (獣道)) and TAKIUCHI Kumi ("Side Job" (彼女の人生は間違いじゃない)).

The film is scheduled to be released nationwide from Autumn 2020.


Urara Planning


Kamata Prelude Film Partners (Wa Entertainment, MOTION GALLERY STUDIO, ENBU Seminar, TBS Glowdia, Inc.)