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The Fallen


Director: LEE Cheuk Pan (李卓斌)

2019|Hong Kong|96min|Language: Cantonese|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue Guest
3/11 (Wed) 14:00 ABC Hall    
3/15 (Sun) 13:05 ABC Hall    
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Irene WAN (溫碧霞)
Kenny KWAN (關智斌)
Hanna CHAN (陳漢娜)
Eddie CHAN (艾迪)
Alice CHAN (陳煒)

Rain Fuyu is the eldest daughter of "Don", the meth kingpin of Asia. Rain left home years ago after suffering a trauma, but now she is returning to her family for one reason: To enact her revenge by becoming a mole for the police. To do this she must win the trust of two rival factions in the gang. One led by Uncle Fire, a veteran of the family, and her younger stepbrother, Wave, the heir to the family fortune and the biggest obstacle in Fire's plan. With the feud between the two camps in the family intensifying, Rain faces danger at every turn, all while her mental state is pushed to the brink as she bears constant suspicion from the family and pressure from the police. With a pan-Asian setting, multiple timelines and action sequences made delirious from frequent drug-induced psychological breaks from reality, director LEE Cheuk Pan indulges a barrage of stylistic tricks to create a tricksy narrative that will have audiences floored until everything is wrapped up at the end.

[Jason MAHER]