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Grand Prix (Best Picture Award)



Japan|Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)

Jury Comment:

This year, because all of the jurors were Japanese, we debated whether it was appropriate to award the Grand Prix to a film by a Japanese director. However, we appreciated the fact that 13 years after her debut, director YOKOHAMA Satoko returned to her hometown of Aomori and created a character with depth. Even though this is a standard fiction drama, this work is full of charm without being stereotypical. KOMAI Ren (駒井蓮), who played the heroine, provided a unique beat that moved us.

Comment from Director YOKOHAMA Satoko:

I was very pleased to be able to participate in the Osaka Asian Film Festival for the first time, but I was honestly surprised to hear that my film "Ito" was awarded the Grand Prix and the Audience Award. While I was in the audience during the first screening of "Ito", I was a little nervous and wondered, "How will this movie be received by the audience?" However, that nervousness gradually changed to a small feeling of joy and the realization that the movie could give something to the jury and audience, and now that joy is gradually rushing to my chest. I want to convey this joy to the actors, staff, and people who made this film together with me as soon as possible. With the decisions of the judges and audience members as support, we will continue to strive to get more people to watch the movie "Ito." We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved in the festival and those who visited the cinema as the corona epidemic continues. Thank you very much!

Most Promising Talent Award

CHOI Jin-young


Korea|“The Slug” (태어나길 잘했어) Director

Jury Comment:

We couldn’t help but root for the heroine of the film, from the moment the girl, caught in an unexpected situation, finds a dried-up slug in her small attic room and picks it up. Director CHOI Jin-young portrays the girl's loneliness in a way that can only be done in the form of a movie.

Comment from Director CHOI Jin-young:

Even though I thought I have no talent, you have given me the Most Promising Talent Award. Thank you very much.

In the process of making this film, I kept thinking to myself, "I'm glad I was born.”

I thought that the act of making a film together was a beautiful thing in itself.

I hope that this film will be remembered as a small healing film that soothes our souls as we are all exhausted by the Corona virus epidemic.

I would like to thank all the people who came to watch this film. I hope we can remember that we are all precious and valuable.

Thank you very much.

먼저 재능이 없다고 생각했는데 재능상을 주셔서 감사합니다.

이 영화를 만드는 과정에서 저 역시 태어나길 잘했다는 생각을 종종 했습니다.

함께 영화를 만드는 행위 자체가 아름다운 일이라고 느꼈기 때문입니다.

코로나19로 모두의 몸과 마음이 지쳐있는 가운데 이 영화가 우리의 영혼을 토닥여주고 작은 위로를 건네주는 영화로 기억됐으먼 좋겠습니다.

함께 해주신 모든 분들께 감사하고 우리 모두 귀하고 값진 존재라는 걸 잊지 않으셨으면 좋겠습니다. 정말 감사합니다.

ABC TV Award

“Sister Sister”

Chi Chi Em Em

Vietnam|Director: Kathy UYEN


As a suspense movie, it is absolutely riveting. It has a carefully crafted script and good tempo. We were impressed by how they managed to place so many events inside a film of its scale.

Comment from Director Kathy UYEN:

Thank you to Osaka Asian Film Festival for welcoming our film “Sister Sister” (Chi Chi Em Em) to be in competition, thank you Asahi Television Broadcasting Corporation for awarding us the ABC TV award at OAFF and for broadcasting our film in Japan!:) I’m super excited to reach a wider Japanese audience, and share my personal film for viewers to experience Vietnamese cinema.

Being a first time director, I couldn’t have done this without an incredible All Star team by my side. I would like to show my deepest appreciation for my two producers who made this film possible from Muse Films, Will VU and from Happy Canvas, Producer & Writer Timothy Linh BUI, who did everything possible to never let me fail.

To my beautiful talented leading actors THANH Hang, ChiPu and LANH Thanh and the wonderful cast. To all my hardworking and brilliant crew. Special thanks to Myke BROWN, Thanh BUI and Amberstone media for being my rock of faith and support.

I dedicate this film to my mother Annie who taught me the most important message of all, forgiveness. Although our film is centered around dark topics, ultimately its a film about forgiveness, to others and self, only that which can break the contagious cycle of revenge.

Honored to represent Vietnam at the Osaka Asian Film Festival. Arigato gozaimasu!

Yakushi Pearl Award

Lily LEE


Taiwan|“Born to be Human” (生而為人)


The incredible reality of the main character, played by Lily LEE, gave “Born to be Human” an overwhelming persuasiveness as it took on a subject that is not easy to tackle.

Comment from Ms. Lily LEE:

I'm very happy that "Born to be Human," which we shot last year, was selected for the Osaka Asian Film Festival and even won the Yakushi Pearl Award. This is the first award I have received as an actor and it is a great encouragement for me. I would like to thank the Osaka Asian Film Festival from the bottom of my heart and I will continue to work hard. I would also like to thank the talented, warm, and fun staff for making this film with me, and I am looking forward to seeing the finished film.

好開心去年拍攝的電影《生而為人》入圍大阪亞洲電影節,並得到了藥師真珠賞,這是我的第一個演員獎,給了我莫大的鼓勵,真的很謝謝大阪亞洲電影節。 接下來會繼續加油。 謝謝又專業又溫暖歡樂的劇組一起共同創作,好期待成品!




Japan|Director: NAKAHAMA Kosuke (中濱宏介)


While the decision was not easy in consideration of the overall high quality of selections within the Indie Forum section, our team is very happy to present the JAPAN CUTS Award to “B/B” in recognition of its audacious visual style and confident direction, which viscerally communicate youthful revulsion at an unjust world. We are energized and excited by this debut from director NAKAHAMA Kosuke and star Karen, and eagerly look forward to seeing more from these young talents.

Comment from Director NAKAHAMA Kosuke:

"B/B", which was shot in the summer of 2019 as a university graduation work, was completed at the end of February 2020 in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic just as it was beginning to intensify in Japan.

All screenings on the big screen were cancelled, and the film never saw the light of day.

Approximately one year later, after I had decided to quit talking about my dream and find a different path, my film was selected for the Osaka Asian Film Festival and screened at Cine Libre Umeda and ABC Hall.

It was a dream come true to see the film that I directed being shown on the big screen of a movie theatre that I have frequented since my student days. This happiness was brought to me by all of the people involved in organizing the film festival during the coronavirus epidemic, the audience who came, and the judges who gave me an award for the first time in my life. Thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best to show this film to as many people as possible, and to continue to make "films" in the future.

JAPAN CUTS Award Special Mention

“Among Four of Us”


Japan|Director: NAKAMURA Mayu (中村真夕)


We thought the film was a very ingenious approach to the subject of isolation brought on by the pandemic that made the most of its restrictions and impressively utilized the power of film language to visually express its themes along with some really remarkable screen performances.

Comment from Director NAKAMURA Mayu:

During the declaration of the state of emergency last year, I was so stressed out not being able to do anything. So I asked talented actors and staff to come together one night, to see if we could make something about this global pandemic, and we shot it right after the state of emergency. We racked our brains to create something positive out of even the most limited and negative situation. Thank you very much for choosing my film for this prestigious award.

Housen Short Film Award

“In-young's Camcorder”

인영의 캠코더

Korea|Director: OH Jeong-seon (오정선)

Jury Comment:

The film features carefully built up emotional intonations, the flow of time along with its changes, and a sense of confrontation and distance with others. Due to the presence of the camcorder, the worldview of the film is enhanced, and the whole story shows talent and kindness. The last scene leaves a lingering sense of immense potential, not only for this work but also for the director and what they will be involved in the future.

Comment from Director: OH Jeong-seon:

Hi, I'm OH Jeong-seon, the director of "In-Young’s Camcorder.”

Thank you for praising the cinematic value of my film despite it being an immature work.

As a student, I have been wandering through the rapidly changing film industry. Recently, I have been wondering if I should continue. However, I have gained courage after receiving this award.

Thank you very much.

안녕하세요, <인영의 캠코더> 연출 오정선입니다.

부족한 작품임에도 영화적 가치를 높게 평가해 주셔서 감사합니다.

저는 학생인 신분으로 급변하는 영화 산업 속을 헤매왔습니다.

나아갈 수 있을까라는 의문이 들 때쯤 이번 상을 계기로 용기를 얻었습니다.


Audience Award



Japan|Director: YOKOHAMA Satoko (横浜聡子)

Photo Gallery

ABC Hall

ABC Hall

"Ito", Audience Award

"Ito", Audience Award,
with a pearl accessory from Yakushi Shinju

"In-young's Camcorder", Housen Short Film Award
Presenter DOI Chiyaki, Housen Cultural Foundation

Presenter Kaz WATANABE,

Director NAKAHAMA Kosuke,

"Among Four of Us",
JAPAN CUTS Award Special Mention

Director NAKAMURA Mayu,
"Among Four of Us" JAPAN CUTS Award Special Mention

Yakushi Pearl Award

Lily LEE, "Born to be Human",
Yakushi Pearl Award

"Sister Sister", ABC TV Award
Presenter ITAI Akihiro, ABC TV

Competition Jury Members

Director CHOI Jin-young, "The Slug", Most Promising Talent Award

"Ito", Grand Prix

Director YOKOHAMA Satoko, "Ito", Grand Prix

Producer MATSUMURA Ryuichi, "Ito", Grand Prix