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Director: NAKAHAMA Kosuke (中濱宏介)

2020|Japan|77min|Language: Japanese, Mandarin|Subtitles: English, Japanese

Date Time Venue
3/5 Fri 16:10 Cine Libre Umeda 3
3/13 Sat 18:40 ABC Hall
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Karen (カレン)
NAKAZAWA Koshin (中澤康心)
SANAMI Tarou (佐波太郎)
HITO:MICHAN (ひと:みちゃん)
NONOHARA Chimari (野之原千万里)

In the world of the film, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were cancelled due to corruption by the minister in charge and there has been an attempted spraying of poisonous gas by a new religion. In the shadow of these two incidents, the murder of a convenience store owner has drawn a limited response from police and press but a suspect in the killing has been found: high school girl Sanagi (Karen), a loner who had an exchange with the victim's young son Shiro (NAKAZAWA Koshin). The axis of the film is her questioning by a psychiatrist and a detective but it won’t be easy since she is suffering from multiple personality disorder and her personalities each emerge at random to recollect what happened from their respective perspectives.

“B/B” is an absolutely fun experience that is bold in its super-stylised visuals and acting, all riffing on cult anime and live action shows, whilst also packed with a million references to all sorts of pop-culture ephemera. Behind this dazzling facade, a really dark story is smuggled in that will leave viewers stunned.

[Jason MAHER]


Director NAKAHAMA Kosuke (中濱宏介)

Cast SANAMI Tarou (佐波太郎)

KIBA Honoka (騎馬穂乃佳)

NISHIMURA Kazane (西村風音)